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Let Me Be Frank book launch



Hello! I don’t even know if blogs are a thing anymore, but I am temporarily resurrecting mine to tell you about my book launch. But first, a bit about my book! It’s comics collected from here, going right back into the archives, and also new comics – about 100 pages of new material all up. So if you’re a fan, please consider buying the book!

Ok, onto the book launch: it’s on the 10th of October at 6pm at Marsden Books, 159 Karori Road, Karori, Wellington.


Old sailors



Do you guys know the AA Milne poem that I’m quoting? It’s pretty great and sums up my life. I have been feeling rather sheepish about the hastily-drawn comics that I’ve been posting but I’ve been promising myself that I will focus on a project once I’ve got my commitments out of the way.

A few of those commitments: I will be in Marlborough at the end of next week, teaching comics and appearing onstage. If you live nearby, please come along!

Then, the following week (yes, it’s that soon!!) I will be heading off to Edinburgh via Portland, Oregon and Reykjavik, Iceland. I’m going to be taking part in the Edinburgh Book Festival. Yes! For real! I am so excited.

I probably won’t be posting so much over August, but I hope to gather up lots of overseas inspiration, and not get shipwrecked (although basking could be nice if I landed on the right island).


Cat trouble


Ok, here are a bunch of links for you: the cute hedgehog video, the cute cat playing piano video, and my cat ripping up my artwork.

Also, congratulations to Ailsa, who won a copy of Mansfield & Me! Thanks so much to the people who left interesting comments on my last post. It was great to learn more about you.

I decided to colour my comic this way because I saw this comic, which is cool and melancholy and scribbly. If I ever were to try and gather my comics in a book they would look very inconsistent.


The lolly box



I was prompted to draw a comic about T1 diabetes after reading this one on the Nib.  I got really excited, seeing diabetes described, because it’s one of those unglamorous chronic conditions overshadowed by its cousin, T2 diabetes, that is still not really understood by the general public. It’s so nice to see something so particular to your experience articulated by someone else. I was also outraged on behalf of the American people, who are having their Affordable Care Act revoked. It seems so cruel to punish people who have have so much to deal with already. Diabetes medication is so expensive, thanks to the extensive R&D that goes into it, and the corporate stranglehold on the market. I wish there could be free healthcare for all, and it’s in people’s best interests to keep diabetics healthy because treating the complications is even more expensive. It’s heartbreaking to think that in Syria, and other places too, society has broken down so much that people can’t get basic care.

The interview I was listening to, about Crohn’s & colitis, is here. I love Nine to Noon. 

Hey, if you’ve made it past my little political rant, I have a reward for you! I have been blogging for seven whole years, which seems like a ridiculously long time. If you leave a comment telling me one or two interesting facts about you, I will put you into the draw to win a signed copy of Mansfield and Me and a bonus comic.


Take me on




I have been singing this song all week. Someone please get it out of my head. Maybe if I suggest it to you my A-ha earworms will move on? The video is worth a watch – Morten Harket stretches his hand out of a comic book and pulls the reader, a lovely young woman, inside. The drawing is amazing, but apparently it’s done with a technique called rotoscoping – drawing over live-action footage, frame by frame.

Do I have any readers in Raglan? If so, come and see me not this Saturday but next, at the Word Café, talking about Mansfield and Me.

Punch your existential crisis in the face



I just finished a draft/thumbnails for a short kids comic book last week, and I’ve been trying to muster the energy to redraw it. Part of the problem is that now I’ve already finished one graphic novel, I know how much work it is and how long it will take. I’m not sure if I want to start just yet, or if I want to do all those other things I’ve been putting off, like the garden, and the curtains that would make my bedroom so much warmer.

In the meantime I’ve read a wonderful graphic novel – My Favorite Thing is Monsters by Emil Ferris (see, I mustn’t spend all my time on my phone) – and also a beautiful poetry book by my friend Johanna Emeney, Family History.

If you want to see what poster I was talking about, it’s below, but unfortunately the artist didn’t sign it so I have no idea who made it! I’m hoping someone will help me solve the mystery.


It’s pretty cool, right?

UPDATE: I now know who the artist is – Aimee Smith! Thanks for the intel, Kirsten!


A tale of three cities



Haha, yes, I have very spoilt children. The fidget spinner is strangely compulsive though. They say it’s good for people with ADHD and ASD and I am reminded of the wooden helicopter Gus used to play with as a preschooler, turning the propeller around and around… it was easier when they were younger and didn’t know about all the latest fads!