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The COVID-19 diaries: threat level


When in doubt, always ask a neighbourhood cartoonist! I think I should hand this strip over to Violet, who has all the best lines.

If you want to see what I’m talking about, this is the story of the 8 foot woman, Hachishakusama, and here is the story of the slit mouth woman. Violet is a sucker for horror, even if it means she can’t sleep later.

Also, I am a little constrained by the 10 panels but I want you to know that the hooligans yelled at us about 10 minutes after we’d crossed the road, not because of our dodgy road crossing tactics!

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  1. 07/04/2020 1:22 pm

    and not like the things that used to scare can’t still scare us witless. I have to go check the doors are locked now just in case it is true….

  2. 07/04/2020 2:16 pm

    I think Violet is lucky to have such a creative, weird mother telling her these stories. I was fascinated by the story as I had never read or heard it. Obviously the internet has led to an explosion of myths and little known stories.Loved it. Looking forward to tomorrow’s entry


    • Sarah Laing permalink*
      07/04/2020 2:50 pm

      Actually Violet is telling me the story! Perhaps it isn’t clear? Oh dear…

      • Susan P permalink
        08/04/2020 9:41 am

        Hey, I got that it was Violet telling you the story. Although actually it doesn’t matter that much – it’s as entertaining either way.

      • Sarah Laing permalink*
        08/04/2020 11:02 am

        That’s reassuring! Thanks, Susan!

  3. Mrs M Ewing permalink
    07/04/2020 3:19 pm

    Oh, I thought the same as Robyn (that it was you who was telling the story) but when I looked closer, I saw that it was my mistake. Never mind, love your entries. Laughed about more in danger from walking on the road than from getting the virus. It is the same in our neighbourhood too……

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