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The COVID-19 diaries: work meeting


The kids were thrilled at their fish finger and chip dinner but I have to concede the ice cream was a mistake – Gus got up twice in the night for extra helpings and somehow there is now only a thin layer across the bottom of the container. They also gobbled up the crisps and the chocolate so our health objectives are not being met.

I find it funny talking on my bluetooth headphones too – often people won’t see them and will assume I am talking to them or else that I am completely mad. Both

Really, I feel sorry for the people who have to work at the supermarkets and dairies – it must be scary for them. They are at the front line. Our local dairy has erected a protective perspex screen but they have a constant stream of people touching all of their goods, breathing in their small spaces, not quite following their safety instructions… I hope they are ok.

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  1. Susan Pearce permalink
    01/04/2020 10:44 am

    I’ve discovered I can’t use my bluetooth earbuds for Zoom meetings because apparently they pick up every jaw click and tiny swish of saliva. Luckily a friend gave me some old fashioned ‘headphones on wires’.

    • Sarah Laing permalink*
      02/04/2020 10:49 pm

      Oh no! I wonder if my earbuds are the same?

  2. 01/04/2020 12:31 pm

    I think I’m spending more memory than I normally do as I have been using our 4 Sq as well. It’s beautifully quiet . Usually only one other person in the shop. But more expensive for fruit. Etc


  3. John Butt permalink
    01/04/2020 12:41 pm

    Thank you again Sarah, please add annette to your list

    Sent from my iPhone +64 21 661 300


    • Sarah Laing permalink*
      02/04/2020 10:50 pm

      I think she might have to sign up herself? There is a link on the right hand side if you’re on a computer that says Follow Blog Via Email – probably down below on your phone

  4. Brent Putze permalink
    01/04/2020 1:26 pm

    What an extraordinary example of multi-tasking. The wine would’ve been well worth the effort. I really like the way you are turning things into so many positives Sarah. This comic made me smile…again.

    • Sarah Laing permalink*
      02/04/2020 10:50 pm

      Thanks, Brent! Wasn’t feeling so positive today. Oh well. Here’s hoping tomorrow is better…

      • Brent Putze permalink
        03/04/2020 9:55 am

        I know what you mean, some days are easier to handle than others. And within each day are those little waves of anxiety. I think you are doing a wonderful thing by expressing yourself through your comics and putting them up to for us to identify with.

  5. Diana Zadravec permalink
    02/04/2020 7:23 pm

    Thank you Sarah for your comics. You are such an incredibly brave illustrator, I dare say most would not set themselves a challenge of drawing straight in ink. And so honestly. Apart from being entertaining and inspiring (I’ve been doodling a little), this particular comic has also opened my eyes to how differently we are all living in lock down. We are in a small town in Southland and we have not left our 3.5ha property since the start of it. We have some own meat, vegetables, eggs, are shopping online (spending heaps!), and we always have lots of stocks, probably a thing of living rurally where you know your town is not going to be a priority to get sorted in an emergency. I found your impulsive trip to the dairy almost flippant and scary, seeing all the people in the same space, and being distracted by the meeting. I’m by no means a germ fanatic (I can’t be where we live, and as a parent to free ranging toddler) but I realised take this one quite seriously. So thanks again, and – how long does it take you to do a comic like this?? Please keep it coming 🙂

    • Sarah Laing permalink*
      02/04/2020 10:51 pm

      Sounds like you are very well prepared for this kind of event – in the city we get lazy and I often pop into the shops every day to pick up something for dinner. It probably takes me a couple of hours to do a comic, from the drawing to the scanning and posting.

      • Diana Zadravec permalink
        03/04/2020 4:42 pm

        Wow, 2 hours, that’s fast and what a daily commitment! A few weeks prior to the lock down I (finally) started doing an informal comics class once a week, had to drive an hour each way for it but it was My Thing and I absolutely loved it . There was only four of us, ages 8, 9 , 14 and me, about your age – gosh did we have fun despite or because of the age difference (I drew a lot of dinosaurs). Now cancelled of course. That’s actually the thing I miss most during this time as I just don’t seem to get organised to draw anything at home. There’s always some chore or another that takes priority. Thanks again and looking forward to more comics!

  6. Jessica Eden permalink
    06/04/2020 8:26 am

    Love the cartoons! This is so accurate and also what my day looks like… thanks for posting!

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