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I remember going to Smith and Caughey’s in the 90s, when we had a friend who worked there in the menswear department. He took us up to the staff tea room, where everyone was chain smoking, wearing Chanel-style suits, sitting in the spots they’d occupied for decades. I got a cup of instant coffee. I feel nostalgic for the old fashioned department store – Kirks in Wellington has been bought out by David Jones, and Collinson’s and Cunningham’s in Palmerston North was taken over by Farmers when I was still a child. Still, Smith and Caughey’s sails on, a great ship full of stuff you never needed in the first place if you wanted to remain true to your punk rock heart.

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  1. 25/05/2017 9:04 pm

    I used to work in Smith & Caughey in my school & Varsity holidays. There were some scary and admirable women behind those counters. Also, by the end of the day, my face would ache from smiling at all the customers.

  2. daveyone1 permalink
    26/05/2017 12:27 am

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  3. 26/05/2017 7:15 am

    The hole is punk rock chic and indifferent: “I’m only a little bit punk rock and my lattes always have nonfat milk but I can fuck you up in the mosh pit want proof?”

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