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Learning languages via email



I have actually tried to learn Maori before – I studied it at university in 1992 (!!!) and I also took a course at the local marae when I was pregnant with Violet. It turned out that the late nights didn’t suit me at the time, and I abandoned it, once more. When I was young, I was a linguaphile and managed to learn German, French, Spanish and some Italian. I studied them at school, and we got the chance to revise every day. Somehow I didn’t end up living in Europe, as I imagined I might, and when a Frenchman tried to talk to me the other day I discovered that I’d forgotten all my verbs. Still, there’s still time… my Parisian/Sevillan/Roman apartment is waiting for me….

If you want to get the kupu o te ra, you can sign up here.

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  1. 30/03/2017 8:42 am

    The more I look into te reo, however, it’s the grammar I can’t get my head around. For a start, adjectives seem to always come after the noun.

    • Sarah Laing permalink*
      30/03/2017 9:04 am

      Yeah it is hard. But a friend pointed out that the verbs only have 2 forms and there are no pesky genders to learn…

  2. daveyone1 permalink
    30/03/2017 10:15 am

    Reblogged this on World Peace Forum.

  3. Clarry permalink
    30/03/2017 7:01 pm

    The thing with language is if you don’t use it, you lose it!

  4. 30/03/2017 7:10 pm

    With repeated input, your stored knowledge becomes more elaborate, so keep on closing the gap between your actual Maori-speaking self and your ideal Maori-speaking self. You’re highly motivated and therefore can conceive yourself as a Maori language speaker. I’m going to show my SLA supervisor this comic!


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