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Maybe the frustration of the bus comes from not being in control – there are so many variables that can turn your 15 minute trip into an hour one. It’s crazy, I have my bus app and traffic reports via Twitter but I still can’t tell whether it’s going to be a good or a bad bus day. Oh, to live in a city like Tokyo or Paris, where the subways are constantly whooshing up and off into tunnels! I am not entirely convinced about the electric bike option, given the narrowness of the streets that wind their way to my home. However, I’m still convinced that if buses were more regular, not just down the main arterial lists, more people would use them. And! If they were cheaper! To take my family of 5 into town and back, it costs $25 in bus fares, and since parking is free in the weekend, guess how we go in?

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  1. 29/03/2017 1:25 pm

    Hear ya! I live in regional Australia- even less buses, & so expensive- all the young folk hitchhike- the dreaded car is the only way 😦

  2. 29/03/2017 4:40 pm

    The U.S needs a serious upgrade in public transportation! More railways or trains.

  3. daveyone1 permalink
    30/03/2017 1:07 am

    Reblogged this on World Peace Forum.

  4. William laing permalink
    30/03/2017 7:30 am

    Higher city parking fees in the form of taxes to pay for busses
    Higher taxes on cars
    Bus priority in leaving bus stops required and enforces
    There are lots of solutions but the car drivers (often no passengers) well out number the bus passengers so have more political weight

  5. 30/03/2017 11:15 am

    We’ve exactly the same accolades and complaints to give or to bear here in Santa Barbara.

    • Sarah Laing permalink*
      30/03/2017 11:53 am

      Damn! Sorry to hear that

      • 31/03/2017 6:25 am

        There is a street here, named Sola [that’s Spanish: ‘alone’ or ‘lone’], it’s traveled by many hundreds, perhaps 3 thousand let’s say, commuters every day during the work week of Monday through Friday. It is also traversed by bicyclers, and in the last perhaps 2 or 3 years it’s been the source of the PETTIEST controversies amongst the population in general, and, especially as it’s written about in the short or long articles published weekly in a local paper which is the size and shape of a large(ish) magazine, in newsprint-paper: “The Santa Barbara Independent.” The city council [7 members, one is the mayor herself] has held too many! hearings on whether a bicycle lane on both sides of Sola St. ought to be made longer to accomodate bicyclers. But nobody who commutes solely by car wants to (I shall paraphrase) “lose about 200 parking spaces” to in the street along the sidewalk that would if the “bicycle lane” is lengthened no longer exist. This is the sort of, um, controversy that plagues us here. **sigh**

  6. Terry permalink
    31/03/2017 3:03 am

    Ah so true. I take the bus often, but sometimes I prefer to risk my life on my bike than have a jerky journey stop starting along the city’s busiest streets. Why oh why can’t we have some Zoomy buses, smoothly driving down Jervous Quay.

  7. Amanda permalink
    31/03/2017 6:19 pm

    Many years ago we lived in Parnell. Every time we would go to catch the Link bus there would be 3 in a row. It was suggested the drivers played cards together on their breaks and then they all drove round together. To this day the nickname stinky linky is still used for that bus route.
    On Mt Eden road we used to have a driver that would turn off the buzzer to force people to shout out when they wanted to stop. He just wanted to chat to people. Was hilarious catching that bus. After 20 years of Auckland’s entertaining bus travel I’m enjoying Melbourne’s trains and trams…. Buy Iucky for me I don’t have to use them in rush hour because people are squashed in like sardines in a can, Tokyo style.

    • William laing permalink
      01/04/2017 4:33 pm

      Busses congregate because they have to stop to pick up passengers and the ones behind catch up and leap frog.

  8. 01/04/2017 12:38 am

    Canberra buses! One per hour in our suburb in non peak hour. My neighbour was refused a doctor ‘s appointment because the bus didn’t come and she had to wait another hour before she could get there. But I had the complete opposite when we had 2 months in Tokyo last year. We literally walked out the door and had the option of travelling in either direction to the bus, only a few hundred metres away, then to the subway or JRline. Transportation bliss! I also happily recall heading back from work with the bus community, reading or chatting.

  9. 02/04/2017 6:03 pm

    I love your blog and have nominated you for the MYSTERY BLOGGER Award. Detail here:

  10. 06/04/2017 11:58 am

    I bike around Auckland. It is not hard to form a community by biking either!


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