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When I was cleaning up in preparation for doing my tax return (oh joy!) I found a comic that I drew that I never posted. It fits in with my celebrity obsession theme:


… which is one of my recurring themes, as evidenced by my Mansfield and Me book:


I still love Miranda July, but sometimes I think it’s best that you don’t meet your personal heroes. You know so much more about them than they do about you, so the relationship is going to be off-balance. Not to say that I haven’t had some lovely encounters with writers in signing queues – it was so great meeting Jeffrey Eugenides, and Alison Bechdel, and David Mitchell said such encouraging words, and I’m nourishing my inner freak, in accordance with Junot Diaz’ inscription. I cringe when I think of my embarrassing fan letter delivered to Morrissey’s bodyguards.  Mostly I think your imagined relationship is so much better than the real one is ever going to be, and it’s fun fantasising about this different world you might inhabit, that your heroes have so vividly evoked for you. I’ve really enjoyed hanging out in Mansfield’s world for the past couple of years, even though when I imagine her with me, she’s a bit disparaging.


Anyway – I’d better get back to my tax return. I’ve been a bit busy to post comics here lately, but I have made a few for the Academy of NZ Literature, as well as writing book reviews for The Spinoff. But I will post some more soon! And I will be at the Auckland zine fest on the 24th of July, so I’d better draw something for that.

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