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25november00125november00225november00325november004I found this comic in my journal and I thought I would share it with you. I’ve got a couple of pieces in a forthcoming Eastbourne anthology – an excerpt from Dead People’s Music and a poem I wrote when I was in my twenties – and this is a companion piece to the poem. I really loved Eastbourne, and although it was great that my grandmother moved to Palmerston North when I was in my teens so we could be closer by, I did miss going for my little seaside holidays.

My two comics in the latest Metro ‘Best of Auckland’ issue came out – I got to be the grinch who didn’t believe in Best of lists, even though I made it onto the NZ Listener best books of 2013 list. I was buried deep in the magazine for my sins, but I was particularly pleased with my Lorde & Eleanor Catton comic. I really like Best of lists when I don’t have a book that may or may not make it on there, but when I do, best of lists give me stomach ulcers.

And in final news, I am going to be on a panel this week with a pair of wonder writers, Bianca Zander and Sue Orr. It’s on Thursday 28 November, 7.30pm, Devonport Community House, 32 Clarence Street, Devonport. Take a trip across on the ferry! It’s free, and there will be nibbles and wine.


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  1. 25/11/2013 11:26 pm

    God I just love that your Gran recycled her wine bladders for flotation devices! That kind of ingenuity is just unheard of these days! A friend of mine said her gran used to wash used gladwrap and hang it on the line to dry – why buy a new roll when you can reuse the old?

    • Sarah Laing permalink
      26/11/2013 10:17 am

      I know! We’ve got to collect all these gran-frugalities! A friend was telling us how her gran used to cut up her rubber gloves that had holes in the fingertips to make rubber bands. How crafty was that?

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