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New Metro comic


The latest Metro magazine is out, and I have a comic in it about biking. In the mean time, here’s my comic from the late June/July issue. I wrote it pre-book launch and you can see I was expressing my terror of reviews. But as it turned out nobody said it was a folly, nor did I get extra credit for the pictures. Click on it if you want to see it enlarged!


I’m back from my Alexander Turnbull Library talk. I *think* it went well, although I veered way off my notes and didn’t talk about any of the critical framework stuff that might’ve made me seem brainy. Right now I keep on remembering all the things I forgot to say. I did get the wonderful opportunity to look at Mansfield’s notebooks, passport, autograph book and letters and I have newfound admiration for Margaret Scott and John Middleton Murry, who had to decipher her cryptic handwriting. More on this later!

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