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Talking tomorrow at 12pm at the Alexander Turnbull Library




This is the first slide in the presentation I’m going to be doing tomorrow, the 22nd of August, in Wellington. It’s me, with my Frank Sargeson disguise on. I’m quite excited to be going to the National Library. My grandmother worked there for many years as a clerk, where she met my aunt, who she introduced to my uncle. The National Library is responsible for the existence of my cousins.

In other news, a 3-metre-deep sink hole has opened up in Hobson Street, not far from the Katherine Mansfield birthplace. A friend suggests that this might be where I’ll find her. But more directly I’m planning on finding her in her letters and journals, which hopefully I’ll be looking at tomorrow afternoon.

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  1. racheljfenton permalink
    21/08/2013 8:54 pm

    Love the disguise. Hope your trip yields some great research, if not relatives! Don’t fall down the sink hole!

  2. 22/08/2013 7:25 am

    We’ll be on the road to Napier tomorrow morning – typical that you’re in town when we’re heading out! Have fun and I look forward to future KM-inspired tales x

  3. 22/08/2013 3:22 pm

    That was marvellous stage Sarah, thanks very much. If you could flick me the contact details for Pikitea Press we’d be grateful. No rush. Best wishes, Tilly

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