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  1. helen permalink
    31/05/2011 6:51 am

    This same thing has happened to me. I’ve also had to make return trips for forgotten lunches boxes, homework, togs….too many things to remember – too little brain. Teachers always look with pity at us in our raincoats, as if we are only walking because we are poor or something…

  2. William permalink
    31/05/2011 7:07 pm

    Poor Sarah, such impossible standards you have set yourself

  3. 31/05/2011 8:37 pm

    Fantastic to hear someone else who walks to school rain, hail or shine. This morning it was 2 degrees when we left the house. No use complaining it was cold – today was twice as warm as yesterday morning when it was only 1 degree. By the time I get home and it’s 7 degrees, it actually feels warm!

  4. 02/06/2011 8:31 am


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