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Eating other people’s words


Paula Green, Slip Stream

Life is too short to be wordy

For dinner, I substituted the pasta for couscous, the pistachios for almonds, the feta for haloumi, and added baba ganoush because eggplants were only $1.29 at the veggie store. Delicious!

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  1. Paula Green permalink
    18/11/2010 10:04 am

    Cool! I was looking through the Listener after my first collection, Cookhouse, was published and spotted a recipe for Oven Baked Salmon in Lois Daish’s food page but kept flicking through the pages. When I turned back to check the recipe I discovered it was my poem from Cookhouse and the book was photographed alongside the (new ) Marcella Hazan Italian cookbook I had just got from Amazon.

    Hmmm almonds, baba ganoush, haloumi, couscous! Yumm!

    Cheers Sarah!

    Paula Green

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