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So I decided to give Patreon a go because I figured that I could get paid to blog. As you may know, I share these comics because I really like to receive some kind of response to my work, and I like to have a forum where I can think/draw out loud. I don’t get paid to do so. I also thought that if I could get people to financially support my work, I would have to post every week, rather than my on-again, off-again relationship I have with my blog. Let Me Be Frank would become legit, one of the real things that I do, rather than the thing I fit around paid work and big projects.

Please don’t feel obliged – you will still be able to see my comics whether or not you pay. It just would be nice, and a way of telling me that you value what I do. There are rewards if you pay me loads of money, but $1 a month is gratefully received. Also, if you check out my Patreon page you’ll be able to see the dorky video I made (although maybe you don’t really want to know what I’m like IRL!)


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