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Sophie and Henri overhear something they shouldn’t


Here is a comic from my journal, which is sitting in the Katherine Mansfield House and Garden right now. I’m going to be on a panel there next weekend, along with Helen Rickerby and Anna Jackson, and it would be lovely if you could come along! There will be afternoon tea in the garden, and November is when all the roses come out.

If you live in the Wairarapa, I will be giving a talk in Carterton on Sunday. 

Mansfield had a complicated relationship with her sexuality – it wasn’t ok to be queer in the early 20th century, and she definitely had Oscar Wilde impulses, as she liked to describe them.


(Actually Katherine does know what she’s talking about – she had a relationship with Māta Mahupuku and Beatrice Hastings, amongst others)


Kind of an act of voodoo, don’t you think? Sophie and Henri left, and Katherine and John never saw them again.

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