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Press and lo-fi book trailers!


It’s school holidays, so I have been making claymation movies with the kids today. Gus and Violet also made me a trailer – Gus’s Mansfield ended up squashed between the pages of my book, and Violet’s Mansfield turned her head upside down to become a bearded hipster and my future boyfriend.

The book is about to be launched – tomorrow, in fact – and the press is beginning to come in. I really liked this photo taken in the Katherine Mansfield House & Garden by Anna Briggs. It accompanied an article by Sarah Lang, a journalist I am always trading identities with.


I was also interviewed the latest Listener by Paula Morris, who was wondering why people were still interested in Katherine Mansfield.


And I was interviewed by Kim Hill – one of my life goals! – and you can listen to the audio here. I was terrified leading up to the interview, but it was a lot of fun talking to her.

Finally, I answered some questions for the wonderful WordPress word wrangler, Cheri Lucas Rowlands, and you can read my answers here. Thank you so much for featuring me!

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  1. 05/10/2016 1:12 pm

    Thanks again for the Q&A and for blogging with us all of these years. Congrats on the book and enjoy what’s to come!

  2. 05/10/2016 1:42 pm

    I laughed out loud at Mansfield’s response to your comic. And then I ordered the book. I’ve loved Katherine Mansfield since I read her stories as a teenager; I have enjoyed your blog for several years. Congratulations, and well done!

    • Sarah Laing permalink*
      05/10/2016 1:48 pm

      Thank you so much, Mary! I hope it didn’t cost too much – NZ book prices are quite steep. It’s been so nice to have your support over the years.

      • 05/10/2016 3:20 pm

        I’m in the US. The exchange rate made it less steep than it seems. Good books are always worth whatever the cost, I think.

  3. exkaroriboy permalink
    05/10/2016 8:24 pm


    Very best wishes for the launch tomorrow night. I am so sorry that I can’t be there.

    In the usual run of things, (if there ever is one) I would be there, but I have an unusual traffic jam of writing duties that is keeping my nose to the keyboard.

    I am writing an ‘In Memoriam’ piece for Margit Brew who died recently, and meeting a deadline for line editing of two articles for next year’s Mahurangi Cruising Club’s Yearbook. The latter job is also convulsing me because one is written by the Commodore, a charming Bulgarian with a great sense of humour, but I have to ‘English’ his prose without losing his ‘voice’. And his French tags are not accurate either!

    You came across well with Kim. I listened before getting up. I extended my usual weak joke about spending Saturday mornings in bed with Kim Hill by including your name, providing a mental image that could be equated with “my intellectual cup runneth over”.

    Have a great Thursday night.

  4. 06/10/2016 12:44 am

    Looking forward to getting a copy when I return home from traveling. I thoroughly enjoyed Fall of Light.

    • Sarah Laing permalink*
      07/10/2016 5:09 pm

      Thanks so much! I hope you like it. It’s so nice to hear about The Fall of Light too.

  5. Barbara Grace permalink
    07/10/2016 9:13 pm

    Just listened to the Kim Hill interview – it was so interesting and now I can’t wait to read the book. Many congrats! xx

    • Sarah Laing permalink*
      08/10/2016 4:13 pm

      Thanks, Barbara! I hope you like it!

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