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One morning in Karori








At this point of time I do my best to distract Violet while I run off to put the money under her pillow and magic away the tooth. But since I was drawing this comic while she was around, I drew this alternate ending:


People don’t seem to draw drunks in children’s stories anymore, but I always loved the bit in Tintin, when either Captain Haddock, Tintin or Snowy had been drinking whiskey.

Also, I was experimenting with a different drawing style. I spent the past few years doing outlines in India ink and then watercolouring, but I really like a lighter line as well. This blog title is a homage to one of my favourite children’s books illustrators, Robert McClusky, and his tooth-losing tale, One Morning In Maine. I was also thinking of Freya Blackwood, who does the most beautiful pencil and ink illustrations, with lovely limited colour palettes.

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  1. Mary permalink
    15/04/2016 11:49 am

    Haha, love it, drunks in fairy tales and forgetful fairies. She forgot a tooth at my house last week too!

  2. 15/04/2016 12:04 pm

    This is great! Adult humor hidden in kids stories…Awesome!

  3. 15/04/2016 4:44 pm

    love the new drawing style, sarah! the tooth fairy is pretty useless at our place, too – she might be fun to drink wine with though?

  4. greg o'brien permalink
    28/04/2016 2:14 pm

    Masterful (in a non-gender-specific kind of way), epoch-defining but also useful and strangely uplifting, this comic deserves to become a standard ‘parenting’ text (or is there such a thing as ‘childing’ (?) — it could be one of those texts too). Go SL.

  5. 06/05/2016 9:43 pm


    Lovely unexpected ending that brought an unexpected smile to my face.

  6. Rachel permalink
    25/05/2016 9:23 pm

    Lovely! I wonder if you have ever seen Kristen Wiig’s “Confessions of a Tooth Fairy” – from her early comedy days… me it just gets funnier every time….

    Thanks Sarah – enjoyed this very much

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