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Zinefest this weekend!


This weekend, I am going up to Auckland Zinefest. I have got a comic to sell – the print version of my ‘Clueless‘ comic, about being pregnant in New York City – which I first published here. I have fixed a few spelling mistakes, redrawn the shabbiest of the pictures and am hand-painting the covers of 50 copies. It’s a whopping 56 pages long. If you come to Zinefest (this year it’s at the Pitt Street Methodist Church, Saturday 29th August, 12-5pm) you can buy a copy for $10. I will be selling the remaining copies on Felt for $12+postage. Message me if you want me to save you a copy!

FullSizeRender-1 FullSizeRender

I have also done my usual array of hand-painted books in the hope of recouping my printing costs, including this one here: a redux version of George Orwell’s famous ‘A Nice Cup of Tea’ essay:




I was first shown this essay when I was in high school, soon after I’d read 1984. I was impressed at how exacting Orwell was about tea-making, how much attention he paid to each step. Also – six spoons of loose-leaf tea – obviously the man hadn’t discovered coffee.

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