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Picnic at Red Rocks



Hello! It’s been a while. But I was sitting around drawing comics with my kids (it’s school holidays) and I thought I would post this one, about our trip to Red Rocks. My father tells me he walked there fifty years ago, and was hit by a piece of falling scree. He had to walk out again, bleeding all the way to Wellington hospital. He still has the scar.

How are you? Is there anybody out there? I have almost finished my graphic novel (just one chapter to go) so maybe I’ll start posting here more often…


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  1. linda burgess permalink
    15/07/2015 11:44 am

    You are the most energetic imaginative mother! Lucky kids. And please do post more – I’ve missed your posts, always a highlight of my day.

  2. Emma Jean Kelly permalink
    15/07/2015 11:57 am

    Yay!!!! You’re back!!!! I shall heed the warning not to get between the seals and the sea…but this does remind me of ‘The Secret of Rowan Inish’. I hope your kids have seen that! They may rethink their fear of the seals….

    • Sarah Laing permalink*
      15/07/2015 10:06 pm

      I saw that years ago – must find it for the kids! They have read Red Rocks, which is also about selkies

  3. 15/07/2015 12:16 pm

    Hello! Finding this post in my mail box made my day. I just watched ‘Song of the Sea’ last week (finally). This made me think of that. Also, your kids are bigger!! I’m happy to have you post more often if you have the time.

    • Sarah Laing permalink*
      15/07/2015 12:19 pm

      Yes, the youngest will be 6 next week – I think I started this when she was nearly 1. And my oldest is practicing being a teenager at 12.

  4. Paul Casserly permalink
    15/07/2015 12:25 pm

    Gripping stuff, looking forward to the novel.

  5. 15/07/2015 12:26 pm

    Good to hear from you again. I have missed your posts but am pleased to hear that the book is getting close to finished (well this phase at least).
    Well this is a family outing to remember. I’m sure there will be plenty of laughs in the future when you recall it – once you get past the trauma of course.

  6. 15/07/2015 1:55 pm

    That reminded me of many badly timed trips I made with my kids when they were young. I’m still no good at estimating time, imagining for some reason that any trip in the car in Auckland will take 20 minutes, but now I have old age to blame it on if the grandchildren complain about walks going on forever.

    • Sarah Laing permalink*
      15/07/2015 10:06 pm

      I always imagine that things will take a lot shorter time than they actually do. I’m glad I’m not the only one.

  7. Gerri Kimber permalink
    15/07/2015 6:23 pm

    So looking forward to the end result! Do you have a strip we could put in the next KM newsletter?

  8. Barbara Grace permalink
    15/07/2015 7:39 pm

    Really looking forward to the new book!

  9. 15/07/2015 7:46 pm

    You should have called in for a cuppa. Next time. If you can talk your kids into it!

    • Sarah Laing permalink*
      15/07/2015 9:09 pm

      I was thinking of you and wondering where you lived

  10. Victoria permalink
    16/07/2015 3:06 am

    I love your cartoons. I thought I’d lost the link somehow by changing computers, but you were busy! Lovely to see this one. I’m definitely hopeless at estimating the time required for family expeditions. Or, it goes the other way and I am so busy planning snacks and provisions and packing raincoats that we hardly get out the door… Always better to get out the door, I reckon.

    • Sarah Laing permalink*
      16/07/2015 1:34 pm

      I reckon too. Thank you!

  11. Carol Brown permalink
    16/07/2015 1:09 pm

    I stared and stared again…. Great to have you back, Sarah. The whine of the child down the ages: Are we there yet? You are a generous woman and I love your tales. Thank you.

  12. exkaroriboy permalink
    16/07/2015 1:15 pm


    I never did get to Red Rocks, it was always too far!

    But I did get a First Class Honours grade for my memoir. Yay!



    • Sarah Laing permalink*
      16/07/2015 1:33 pm

      Congratulations, Ian! And I see you made it to Bianca’s book launch too. Can’t wait to read your memoir.

  13. 21/07/2015 6:05 pm

    Seal Alert! Seal Alert! S.I.B. — that’d be me, too, faced with seals. I am in love with the seascape (sealscape) panel four up from the bottom, the spirals of water and sunshine (?!).
    Oh, how exciting that you’re on the final chapter of KM!!!! I too am approaching a light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel situation with mine. T x

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