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I dream of Oscar


oscar1mille-feuilles016  oscar2 oscar3

I am still officially taking a blog holiday, but here is another snippet from my Katherine Mansfield journals – Katherine’s dream about Oscar Wilde and Lady Ottoline Morrell. At the moment I am working on a Bloomsbury section of my book, and here’s a rough sketch of Ottoline Morrell at Garsington:


The internet is truly amazing for this kind of thing – Garsington (the manor where Ottoline hosted the Bloomsbury Group) was on the market a few years back for 6.5 million pounds, so there are loads of photos to be found.

I also wanted to point out a few other places I’ve been appearing on the internet: my Let Me Be Frank comics were reviewed here – it was a lovely review, even though Rob Clough described my drawing style as slightly crude. Ah well, at least that means I don’t draw ‘competent boy comics’, as described by Indira Neville in our Three Words interview over here.

If you’re wondering what Three Words is, it’s our anthology of NZ Women’s comics that we are getting together at the moment. If you are a female cartoonist with any kind of NZ affiliation, please send us your comics! And join our facebook page even if you’re not an NZ woman cartoonist – this is where we’ll be posting lots of news. Also, Adrian Kinnaird talked about us on Radio NZ the other night – listen here.

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