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Here is another comic that I did for the Storylines family day zine and comics table – this time I was trying to show how you can tell a story with minimal words. Also, as you can see, I was exploring the cocoon-like qualities of sleeping bags.

Hey, thank you everybody who commented on my previous post. It’s always so gratifying and interesting to generate discussion around comics. Now it’s time for me to be quiet for a little while as I finally have time to work on my Katherine Mansfield graphic novel. It’s been over 2 months since I last looked at it (how did I get so busy?!) but in a pique of frustration I quit a bunch of jobs, including my Metro comic, so I could concentrate on it. As you can see I’m still procrastinating, but, but, after I’ve finished this blog post and made myself a cup of tea and hung the washing out THEN I will work like the wind! 

Since I’m planning on being quiet (let’s see how long that lasts) I will tell you my news now: next Tuesday 16 September I will be on a panel discussing comics in a digital age with Dylan Horrocks, Li Chen, Richard Fairgray and Adrian Kinnaird. It’s at Auckland Central Library and it starts at 6.30pm and there are free drinks and snacks! See you there.

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    08/09/2014 9:56 am


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