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Swimming pool


swimming001swimming002swimming003swimming004And so ends my week of drawing school holiday comics. I’ve been reading Gabrielle Bell’s Truth is Fragmentary book, collecting all of her diary comics, and they are really great. I’ve read them as they’ve come out on her blog but something about having them all collected as a book gives the narratives more weight – they become bigger than themselves. She’s made herself do a July diary for the past few years, drawing a comic a day for the month of July. Even though they are filled with frustration and a sense of inadequacy, barriers against working, lost keys, too much heat, I still envy her NYC life, hanging out with cartoonists, going to bars, living in the city… sigh. Another day in the burbs at the end of the world lined up for me…

Ok, I have to stop blogging or else my daughter will watch all the episodes of Numberjacks ever made, and although it’s educational, it’s possibly not so good for her.

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  1. 11/07/2014 12:36 pm

    boy cut legs are the best IMHO – and 50s togs rock 🙂

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