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This week it was my dad’s birthday and my sister Melissa had this idea that we should make a comic in which his three children had grown up to be scientists, just like him.


In real life my sister is an artist and academic, my brother is a furniture designer and I – well, you know what I am. My dad held out the most hope for my sister going into science – she had the most aptitude. But even she abandoned chemistry and biology after sixth form in favour of art.

Can you tell who did what? My sister wrote and inked the first page, except for the cat, and I wrote the second page. My brother still owes us his one.

In other news: I got a lovely review for The Fall of Light here. Yay! And I thought it had disappeared already. And Rachel Fenton posted a funny comic about my session this week with Dylan here.


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  1. racheljfenton permalink
    06/04/2014 5:18 pm

    Terrific comic, and wonderful gift for your dad. That’s a great review in a smashing venue – congratulations. And thanks so much for the mention – it was a memorable evening!

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