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Let Me Be Frank #5 coming!



A few days ago I got my first copy of Let Me Be Frank issue 5 in the post from Pikitia Press in Melbourne, Australia. I gathered together all my memoir comics, the ones that charted my childhood and coming-of-age, I coloured them in watercolour, and I compiled them into a 36-page booklet. ‘What are you doing there, Mum?’ Gus asked. ‘We’re dancing,’ I said. ‘You look like you’re fighting.’ ‘Well, dancing is a kind of fighting.’


This time round it’s going to be a bit more expensive than issues 1-4 – it’ll be sold for $10 each – but it is in full colour! On recycled paper! And it comes individually signed.


I tried a few options for the cover, and one of my outtakes ended up in the inside back cover:


I’ve drawn my sister looking up adoringly at me; in reality she looks a little like she wants to rip my throat out. We’re very good friends now but I was an evil older sister back then. Alluring and violent.


Anyway, I will let you know when you can buy them! I still have to make my site all fancy so that it has a little shop… or maybe I’ll make that etsy/felt shop I’ve been promising all these years.

And in other news, next Tuesday I’ll be asking the world-famous comics legend Dylan Horrocks questions about his new book, Incomplete Works. It’s a fantastic anthology of his short, sometimes unfinished comics. Come along if you’re in Auckland – it’s at the Central Library at 6pm, 1 April. There’ll be refreshments and books to buy.

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  1. 27/03/2014 1:48 pm

    Terrific. Can’t wait to read this. Can I buy one tomorrow? Love the sister photo. She thinks she is a tiger.

  2. Alison Paulin permalink
    29/03/2014 5:27 am

    Congrats Sarah – it looks beautiful! And I reckon you’ve captured your sister’s look very well – something of a mixed emotion aspect (very familiar to one that experienced childhood with an older sister)!

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