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Radio (part 4) and a bonus comic


Read parts 1, 2 and 3!







I recently read Vanessa Berry’s Ninety9, which explored the 90s alt music scene in Sydney, Australia. It struck a lot of chords! And it’s a beautiful little book.

Talking of music, on Friday I’m going to be at the Big Day Out in the pop-up Metro tent, drawing cartoons of people. Come in and say hi and get a free portrait if you’re there. I bought a stack of paper and pens.

You may know that it’s school holidays at the moment, so it’s quite difficult to draw comics. I drew this one at night and tried to colour it today, but Violet complained that she wanted to colour a comic too, so I drew one for her. I think maybe I’ll be able to employ her as a colourist in a few years…


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  1. David Geary permalink
    16/01/2014 7:10 am

    Such a familiar path…Pashing in Palmie (up Porkchop Hill), having to find a degree that you couldn’t do at Massey, Punky Wellington and the rites of passage in becoming a Radio Active. I was so dormant in those days it took me 3 years to work out Radio Active was a play on radioactive. I used to write out my voicebreaks. Happy memories. Thanks for sharing.DG

  2. Vanessa Berry permalink
    29/03/2014 2:57 pm

    I missed this post back in January, I love it – the thought of having to fill 7 hours with music is like an endurance test! Thanks for your kind words about Ninety9.

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