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Silly comics scribbled on shiftless Sunday afternoons



I bought a bunch of boxes from the $2 shop and I was trying to figure out what to put inside them. Jewellery would be good. So would truffles. But since I couldn’t be bothered making either of those, I drew a comic instead. I think I had Keith Haring in the back of my mind. I am suffering from that interzone that afflicts you when you’re meant to be having a holiday after a long period of intense working. I can’t quite yet relax – possibly because I haven’t actually finished all the things I need to do before I can relax – but nor can I bring myself to attack my to-do list so that I can properly relax. So I’m just sifting around, tidying things away, drawing comics in circle panels and eating the ends of things – crusts, pea pods, plums pecked by birds.


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  1. 22/12/2013 2:39 pm

    What an utterly charming, unique idea. A round comic book in a round box. Clever. I’d say your Sunday was not so shiftless after all.

  2. Sanna permalink
    15/01/2014 6:44 pm

    Sarah, these would make gorgeous gifts. Just sayin’. I love them.

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