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More messy comics about clothes


4august0014august002Last Thursday I went to the Michael King Writers Centre in Devonport and I discovered that I’d left my pencil case at home. But I still had my new fountain pen in my bag so I scratched out a few Katherine Mansfield comics with that. I went for a walk at lunchtime and stumbled across a vintage store. Normally I don’t go into them because I know they are three times the price of regular op shops. But perhaps because I was by the seaside, and felt like I was on holiday, I strayed inside and salivated over all the 1950s, 60s and 70s frocks, so beautifully curated, and came out with a 1950s-style number in navy blue with white piping.

Back to the fountain pen – my friend Andrew sent it to me – it’s beautiful and I feel like I’m summoning the spirit of Katherine Mansfield by writing in my journal with it. Because Devonport is a chi-chi sort of place, there’s a fountain pen store at the bottom of the hill, and I bought a bottle of ink. I often have to refill my pen with it, leaving inky blotches all over the place. It makes me think of Mansfield’s story The Fly. 

If you too want to have a fountain pen to write with you should check out Andrew’s listings on Trademe – I recommend the experience! It’s so great to be able to refill the ink and watch the variations in line and flow, rather than throwing spent pens away.

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  1. racheljfenton permalink
    04/08/2013 12:50 pm

    That’s so funny – sales staff can be so well meaningly mean!

    I love my fountain pen. Simple, plain brushed steel, but I have a refillable cartridge and I would be lost without it. I’ll check out your pal’s listings, though, as it’s time my daughter got a special pen of her own.

  2. exkaroriboy permalink
    04/08/2013 1:17 pm


    Next time you are in Viva la Vintage, come another 50 metres around the corner to 12 Duders Ave. Free Coffee!

  3. 05/08/2013 3:46 pm

    Hey great stuff! I’m nominating you for The Super Sweet Blog Award, check it out here if you’d like

  4. 06/08/2013 9:13 am


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