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Zine fest


firstthursdayslowThis is a comic I did for Metro last year about the zine fest, which was part of the First Thursdays event on K Road. The zine fest is running again this year, this time on Saturday 27 July at St Kevin’s Arcade, K Road, between 12 and 5. I’m sharing a table with my sister, who is selling her art book ‘Commonly Occurring‘. I was meant to also be sharing it with my son Otto but he hasn’t made any zines lately and I don’t want to push it for fear of becoming Mommy Dearest. Anyway, I don’t want him to steal my thunder – I’m going to be selling issues #1-#4 of ‘Let Me Be Frank’, with a few copies of my novel under the table as they don’t strictly qualify as zines. Just ask – it’ll be all subterfuge-y and black market-ish. I’ll even sign them.

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