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Horse drawn deliberately badly



16april002  16april003

I’m conscious of the fact that I haven’t been posting many comics here lately. I’ve just been posting news, which can get kind of boring, I know. Sorry. Here is a hastily-drawn comic – a kind of rally cry to myself, to remind myself that I need to draw more and not worry about them so much. Really I should have finished a few of my thoughts. But had I done that it would have taken me too long and I would have got myself tied up in knots.

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  1. Steve Braunias permalink
    16/04/2013 5:12 pm

    Oh that’s a great horse!

  2. exkaroriboy permalink
    16/04/2013 5:41 pm


    YOUR WORK IS GOOD. Do not Fret.

    All love


    Devonport Library Associates Devonport U3A Friends of the Michael King Writers’ Centre

  3. 16/04/2013 6:45 pm

    Well, if you drew badly then I’d say go for the badly drawn comics every time – skill is so 1980s – but your comics are fab – saddle up!

  4. 16/04/2013 7:49 pm

    and you’re riding bareback! Love this one Sarah. Thanks.

  5. 16/04/2013 8:06 pm

    I love your 2 cm cake box… I remember those days… go girl, ride-em cowgirl!

  6. 17/04/2013 7:19 am

    I love the body tied in knots and the bolting horse and the self exposure.

    Ooh this is good to read on a greyed out morning when you have to clear the table to make room for people coming to talk about a workshop coming up but first you are going to walk in the rain on the beach

    Can’t wait for the novel!

  7. Fi Clark permalink
    17/04/2013 10:56 am

    Yay …. thanks so much for another wonderful comic.

  8. 23/04/2013 10:03 pm

    Just found this in your trove of brilliance. Thank you for reminding me of that phrase “have you no shame?”
    You — like many other mums — are a bloody marvel, Sarah. Embrace it, you’re a creative, which means you colour outside the lines, and it makes the world better! No shame in that. As for the cakes for the school fair – I’m always looking for the cheaper ones – they seem so overpriced these days! Some mums even use pre-mix. Or so the urban myth goes.


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