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Pretty on the inside


Today I am working on my comic for the June issue of Metro, but here is my comic for February. Actually, it might have worked for this month’s Metro, since they have the list of the best Auckland restaurants in the latest issue.Click on it to make it bigger because it’s a little small to read at this size.

And last night I was very happy to escape the family and go to the launch of Emily Perkins’ novel ‘The Forrests’, which has gotten rave reviews so far. One in Metro, along with a fabulous author interview by Jolissa Gracewood. The cover photo is beautiful, like a still salvaged from a 16mm home movie reel. Her name is embossed in shiny green foil. The launch was fun, at Sunday Painters in Ponsonby, which has beautiful green walls embellished with vines, reminding me of Sarah’s Room by Doris Orgel. It was jam-packed with excited bookish people, fancying we might be on the brink of something big. Here is a snippet from this month’s comic, in which I tried to draw Emily:

Thank you so much to everybody who commented and ‘liked’ my post on Sunday. I got the confidence boost I needed to carry on! Your encouragement is very much appreciated, because I quite easily imagine that I’m crap. I am planning on posting another installment by the end of this week.

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  1. 03/05/2012 6:29 am

    When we went to Coco’s Cantina we sat pretty near the front so clearly either someone knew was working the seating or a group of four women together rates higher than a couple. You need to interview wait staff and do a ‘secret life of waiters.’ Actually, we probably don’t need the insecurity boost of knowing what they’re thinking about us.

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