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Clueless, part 2


Read part 2 here… the last sentence said ‘But the only thing I let myself buy was a yellow and red stretch and grow.’

To be continued…

As I was drawing/writing this I was bound by compression. I thought that I could write a whole chapter about the interesting people in my writing group, and I could write two chapters about my time in my design studio. But webcomics are a concise medium and already I go on too much. I actually started a memoir about my time being pregnant and diabetic in New York, and got to 40,000 words. Then a lot of that material morphed into my novel, ‘Dead People’s Music’. Obviously I’m not done with it yet!

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  1. Caroline permalink
    24/04/2012 1:58 pm

    Love it, Sarah! The pregnancy, the superstition, returning to NZ after years overseas, the French, and especially Harriet the Spy! So much in your blogs is very familiar and makes me chuckle (I’m due shortlly with baby number three), and I’m in awe of the rest. Thank you!

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