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You will pay


And the winner was…Gemma Bowker-Wright for “The Red Queen Hypothesis”

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  1. Griet permalink
    04/11/2010 12:07 am

    Hey I love the ‘you will pay’! I can recognize that so well! You go, girl!!
    Love from West Africa (where after the elections on sunday not a dog has dared to come out of his house… what after their bad experiences of the past – coup d’etat, civil war, massacres… The sad thing is that my korean boss is not aware of that and orders us to work. The good thing is that I can now cross the city in less than ten minutes, even the beggars seem to be hiding and even better, no police with their roadblocks around to get some extra money… It’s lovely, in a way… Meanwhile Kamiel and the kids are in Ghana but can’t come back as long as the border keeps being closed… So we’ll just keep waiting… Bisous!

  2. Sarah Laing permalink
    04/11/2010 7:40 am

    So what happened in the elections? I will have to look for some news, unfortunately it doesn’t make headlines here in New Zealand, where people seem more concerned with locking up criminals for life. I just read ‘Aya’ for my little insight into what the Cote d’Ivoire is like…I am looking forward to more Griet stories!

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