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Gypsy Day


There are strange things in the drawers. Pamphlets about Frank Sargeson from the eighties. Aromatherapy kits, anti-mugging torches. There is a World Beauty bag in the wardrobe, two irons and a tin of sliced water chestnuts.

I have set up my sister’s old laptop on top of three 2008 phone books so I don’t get a sore neck. She wrote her PhD thesis on it so it is of good lineage. There is a big table that would be perfect for extended meals with wine, and lots of books to read. There is a spear in the rafters. I don’t know whether one of the fellows went to the Pacific Islands and brought it back as a souvenir, or whether it is there in order to fight off intruders. The lei hanging off one end doesn’t make it look any less ominous.

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  1. melissa laing permalink
    06/07/2010 8:47 am

    excellent lineage – let the intellegence ooze from the keys (I knew I lost it somewhere)

    Oh and pop up to the historic-landscapes-representing-aucklands-future at gallery three – it has amazing architectural/town planning models of auckland

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